Top 10 Multiplayer PC Games To Play During COVID19

Did you notice that there’s been an increased wave of requests for multiplayer mods? It doesn’t really matter what game it is; chances are that there’s been a request of the likes. After all, one of the (many) disappointments and complaints regarding No Man’s Sky happened to be that there was no delivery on that “multiplayer experience” promise that we’d been baited with.

We don’t know how successful random co-op mods are, but these 10 Top Multiplayer PC Games To Play At Least Once have hit the nail on the head with their formulas.


We can’t kick off this list without first talking about the current reigning king of top multiplayer PC games. Overwatch is a 2016 release that had the gaming community go absolutely nuts. At first glance, the premise doesn’t seem to steer too far away from the classic collaborative experiences. What Overwatch has, however, is an addictive gameplay, a refreshing first-person view, and an array of uniquely charming characters.


Speaking of reigning kings, there was a time when LoL was constantly above all the top multiplayer PC games existing on the market at the time. In fact, it might as well have entered the hall of fame of the most famous multiplayer games of all time. LoL brought strategy MMO’s to an insane popularity and was one of those games that developed into the phenomenon known as e-sports. Even now, tens and hundreds of avid fans partake in competitions.


There are two kinds of games that you can play with your friends: the ones that have you competing directly against them and the ones that require for you to collaborate. You thought Mario Kart was a friendship doomer? Then you haven’t tried Portal 2. Valve took a step forward from the previous installment by introducing the co-op mode. Now, players everywhere get the unique chance of smashing their head repeatedly against the joystick while yelling to their friends to place the portal a little bit more to the left.


You are seated in front of a bomb with a countdown. Your friend is holding a defusing manual. Neither of you can see what the other is doing. Going simply by the directions and explanations of the other, you two brave heroes must defuse all modes of the bomb before the timer goes off. It sounds like playing with fire, but also like a lot of fun.


Whoever was around in 2007 probably remembers the Team Fortress 2 mania at the time of its release. There is something oddly charming about this game, which, in theory, kind of resembles most MMO’s with its “classes pick” options. Of course, we all know that’s not the case. The best thing about Team Fortress 2 is trying to explain Team Fortress 2.


Regardless of whether it’s a MMORPG or not, it’s still one of the definitive top multiplayer PC games of the last two decades. WoW has earned its place in the hall of fame, so much that it barely needs any further introductions. Not only is the first game a classic, but the present releases keep having the game reinvent itself.


CS:GO is right up there on par with Overwatch for the title of “the game that can get the most people glued to their PC screens for over twelve hours in a row.” It’s definitely one of the top multiplayer PC games at the moment and the combinations in its formula work so well that it’s just so difficult to resist it.


Are you tired of all the shooter formulas that seem to have plagued this list? Well, if you’re seeking a truly unique experience, look no further than Rocket League. Even though a simple definition doesn’t do it justice, at the end of the day, Rocket League is a game about playing football with… cars. Whether it’s something you’ve longed after your whole life or if you’re scratching your head, giving it a shot sounds like the only fair conclusion.


Another of the top multiplayer PC games OF 2018, Ark: Survival Evolved brings into the picture a new kind of multiplayer experience. It’s not all about car football and MMO’s. Sometimes a survival experience on an island filled with weird creatures and dinosaurs can be just as much of a thrilling experience.


And last but not least, let’s all remember why multiplayer modes were actually invented in the first place – to completely annihilate your friends in direct confrontations. With Mortal Kombat X, you can go against other players all over the world in rounds of gore-filled battles to the (literal) death.